Tracktr Changelog January 2023

29 January 2023

Tracktr is an open-source NextJS application that allows you to keep track of movies and tv shows. It is hosted on and you can make a free account right now.

In January we launched version 1.0 and the site is now fully useable and available for everyone to use. We also got our first users after presenting our work at school.

First off, we fixed an issue where stats on the dashboard would show items in January first and then items in December because it sorted on the day and month without accounting for the year. Another thing that was wrong with the stats on the dashboard was that when you watched something within the first hour of the day, it would put that item on the previous day (issue link).

This was because the server uses UTC time but we as the user were in the UTC +1 timezone. We fixed this by giving the client's browser timezone witht the stats request and then using date-fns to convert the date into the correct timezone. This was a bit of nightmare to figure out, so I might write another blog post about how we fixed it, but it's now fixed!

One of the first things we got as a feedback point is that users would like to have a feedback form where they can leave feedback or report that something is broken. We made this on so if you have some feedback, feel free to leave it there. Because we needed a way to see what feedback was left for us without having to go into the database, we added an admin page and role to the application. This page shows the feedback and also some fun stats such as amount of users signed up in the last week and how many movies & series have been watched this week.

We also fixed a few smaller issues with reviews not appearing on your friend activty list, removing an item from your watchlist actually removing the wrong item, shows that you haven't seen appearing on your release calendar and we also fixed meta tags by using server side props so when you share a Tracktr link, it'll show a nice preview of the page.

The last thing we did was improving our performance and accessibility, and as such both are above 90 now in the Lighthouse score (we reduced the first load JS of the dashboard from 300kb to 174kb).

Well that was it for this month, a lot of bug fixes and just generally polishing things. Next month there will probably be bit less work done as we're both moving on to our next semester. If you have any feedback or just want to leave a message, go to our feedback form.

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