Tracktr Changelog March 2023

25 April 2023

Tracktr is an open-source NextJS application that allows you to keep track of movies and tv shows. It is hosted on and you can make a free account right now.

Here we are again, a bit late and a bit of a small changelog.

We fixed:

  • Overview of movies & shows a person starred in sorting incorrect #393
  • Watching episodes at the same time breaking up next #391
  • Performance improvements for up next/progress page
  • Meta tags (again)

We added:

  • Watchlist button to movies & series posters #390
  • A share button #329
  • Automatically switch to list view on mobile release calandar #346
  • Progress page #358
  • Editing, removing, liking and sharing reviews #355
  • Exporting your watch history #400

So the big features are the progress page, a complete overhaul of the reviews (yay editing!) and exporting all of your watch history to a CSV (without the need to pay us money).

Have a great April, we've been busy but there have been some performance improvements!

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